Ethnic by Outfitters Festive Collection 2014 | Ethnic by Outfitters Eid Collection 2014

Ethnic By Outfitters is one of the proud fashion brands of Pakistan. It always brings collections that are reflection of elegance of our traditions and grace. All the dresses of Ethnic by Outfitters are with their unique designing style and their own vivacity is one of its kind. Eid-Ul-Fitr is just about to come and to boast the festivity of eid Ethnic By Outfitters has brought such unbeatable magic in eid dresses that no other brand or designer can match. She-Styles feels proud to reveal the luxurious range of Ethnic by Outfitters Festive Collection 2014. This collection features rich and self-sufficient Eid Dresses that will stylized you perfectly to attend the parties of eid. Ethnic by Outfitters eid dresses are available in medium and long length shirts adorned with beautiful thread work and neck designs. Ethnic by Outfitters Eid Collection 2014 dresses are designed in soothing  pastel shades as well as bright hues. The designer has picked rich prints to make the dresses look luxurious. The front part of the shirts is plane with embroidery on neck lines along with modern Neck line designs; while the bottom part if embellished with rich details of prints and embroidery to give the dresses
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