Rashid Liza Krinkle Lawn 2014 Vol-4 | Rashid Liza Krinkle Chiffon Lawn Vol.4

Everyday is a Fashion adventure and explore it with out class style. This is the slogan for Rashid Textiles Liza Krinkle Lawn Vol. 4. The season of spring is almost here and with it comes a hoist vibrant colored clothing that is perfect to be the part of your spring and summer wardrobe. This season expect to see a spectrum of bring and refreshing colors mixed with luxurious shades like gold, orange, maroon and regal black to tag along shocking pink, eyebrow raising neon, white, lemon,peach and crisp blacks and whites are just few of the color trends that graced runway at the spring summer 2014 fashion shows. Rashid Liza Krinkle Chiffon Lawn Vol-4 dresses are embellished with cool electric color scheme, retro prints and witty details in such shapes that pack a perfect punch. Sunny spring morning always plug vigor to our sense. Color spossess the power to boast the zeal and passion. So enjoy the energetic contrast of hues and hoist your expression. Rashid Liza Krinkle Lawn 2014 Vol-4 dresses are filled with unlimited exuberance; abstract value patterns merged with attractive printrs are used very smartly by Rashied Textiles. Rashid Liza Krinkle Chiffon Lawn Vol 4
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