Sitara Rainbow Collection 2014 Vol-1 By Sarwat Yasir | Sitara Rainbow Lawn 2014

Sitara Textiles has a remarkable repute of being one of the most coveted fashion brands in Pakistan. It is also one of the oldest running fashion houses of our industry. Sitara Textiles is again ready to bloom your world with its new Sitara Rainbow Collection 2014 for Eid. Bringing you the fresh and radiant summery colors poured onto premium quality fabric, Sitara assures you of an Eid day full of blooming colors and refreshing fragrances. Lawn dress collection by Sitara is a must try this season for its vibrancy and vivacity. 
This gorgeous Sitara Textiles Eid Collection 2014 has been divided into many interesting categories. Mango range has dresses with bright fresh fruity colors depicting the sweetness of this wonderful fruit. Daffodil range has beautiful chic lawn prints in unique color combinations. Daisy range will make you feel the fragrance of flowers with its bold floral prints in eye-catching colors. Flora range is all about presenting the greenery and freshness of nature onto the fabric. Moreover, its dark and deep color combinations depict the depth of the nature itself. Egg Plant range brings you the gorgeous shades of purple merged onto the fabric. Double-shaded shirts in this range are the highlight. Mosaic range has wonderful uniquely abstract prints on white. And the list goes on and on….

Sitara Rainbow Collection 2014 Vol-1 By Sarwat Yasir

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