Abaya Designs 2014 | Dubai Modern Abaya Collection 2014-2015

All our female readers out there! If you want to know what innovation actually is, then check out the Dubai Modern Abaya Collection 2014-2015. We have been updating you with what’s in and what’s out among the Abaya designs now trending throughout the world. But the new Dubai Modern Abaya Collection 2014-2015 will stun you with the kind of innovative creativity that has been added into the normal looking simple abayas. Now the abayas are no more like the ones you used to wear two to three years ago. They are something that you can keep at par with all the other fashion trends being followed throughout the world.
Latest Urban Design Abaya Jilbab collection features the introduction of some unusual fabrics and designs into the conventional layout of abayas. The first innovation is the incorporation of colorful velvet in these abayas. This luxurious fabric has added a whole new royal feel to this outfit. Next is the presentation of beautiful floral embroidery and thread work on abaya sleeves, upper half of the body and borders. Then comes the use of banarsi laces and fancy chic belts with these abayas. All these innovations are adding their unique flavors to this traditional outfit.
Modern Abaya Style 2014 also includes belted hemlines and pleated waistlines of these abayas. Different kinds of embellishments like sequences, embroidery, laces and ribbons are also seen around the abaya
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