Arabic Kaftan Jalabiya Designs 2014-2015 | Best Kaftan Designs 2014

It has been an old tradition to wear abayas, jalabiyas and kaftans when women are moving out of their houses, particularly Muslim women. This style of covering the whole body was introduced on the Arabic land and was passed from generation to generation. Now in Saudi Arabia in particular, no woman can even think of going out without her abaya on. This tradition is now rapidly spreading throughout the world in different forms. Beautiful abayas, embroidered jalabiyas and Arabic Kaftan Designs 2014-2015 are all examples of how this basic tradition has been changed tremendously. Today, not only in Eastern countries but also in the Western part of the world, kaftans and jalabiya style dresses are very popular. Best Kaftan Designs 2014 are often seen as a very prominent part of many big fashion shows throughout the world. Talking about the abayas, they have changed exceptionally. Long, frilly, draped, pleated, embellished, simple, gowns; and the list of abaya styles goes on. They can be found easily in any color and with any kind of embellishments. But the most graceful ones are the abayas in black, with or without the embellishments.

Arabic Kaftan Jalabiya Designs 2014-2015

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