Motifz Eid Collection 2014-15 Vol-2 | Motifz Chiffon Formal Wear 2014 Vol-2

The world of fashion is full of richness, experiments, modernity and glamour. It promotes traditional styles to modern and Western at the same time. As far as Pakistani fashion concerns, we have seen tremendous change in our industry since last 10 years. Due to globalization our clothing trends and living standards have been effected significantly by the west. Apart from all these changes still we can see the element of grace in our dresses. Our designers and clothing brands knows that the can add everlasting charm and beauty to the ensembles only by following our traditions. Hence they don't forget to add grace and traditional styles in their dresses. Today we have brought a collection that is not only meets the requirements of modern fashion but also has traditional designs. Here is another mouth watering addition of Motifz Chiffon Formal Wear Collection 2014 Vol -2 which is formulated specially for Eid-Ul-Adha and wedding season. This series comprises on more than 20 formal wear dresses stitched in different patterns and styles. Motifz has followed the current theme of bringing our old and traditional designs in a very. unique and modified way. Motifz Eid Collection 2014-15 Vol-2 dresses are filled with delicate embroideries on all over the shirts along with rich colours. Once again Motifz has Invented a trend and introduced Digitally Printed Chiffon dresses to wear on the day of Eid and other Formal and semi formal events. If we take a look on Motifz Formal Wear Dresses 2014 then we will realize that the dresses are very rich and sophisticated but not overlapped with too much embellishments. One of the most exquisite part of this Motifz Festival Collection 2014 is the eye catching colours. Motifz has added all the rich, unique and ever green hues in this addition to make it flawless. Motifz Chiffon Embroidered Eid Collection 2014 compliment your personality and can cherish the beauty of any occasion.

 Motifz Festival Collection 2014

 Motifz Chiffon Formal Wear 2014 Vol-2

 Motifz Chiffon Embroidered Eid Collection 2014