Orient Textiles Sawan Collection 2014-15 | Orient Sawan Midsummer Dresses 2014

Women of all over the world, every age group love to adopt fashion that suits her. The fashion world is not constant, it keeps on changing. Many new fashion trends come and go, after some time they get repeated. As this midsummer season we have seen the trend of wearing short kurtis with tights came up again. Our each designer and brand has Introduced kurtis range this mid summer. Now Orient Textiles is back in fashion town with its colourful range of Orient Textiles Sawan Collection 2014. The name of this collection has revealed everything. Orient has also followed the same theme of bringing short kurtis but they have modified these kurtis in a very inspiring way. Orient Textiles Sawan Midsummer Collection 2014 includes three kinds of Midsummer dresses. The first one is Sawan Collection 2014, It features three piece lawn dresses adorned with exceptional prints, blooming hues, intricate embroidery and superb stitching styles.b The Second and third ranges are all about fashionable kurtis. The first part based on  Orient Textiles Single Kurti Collection 2014. It includes very colourful short tunics evolved into modern clothing trends and array of mid-summer colours. All the kurtis are adorned with single print but the prints are very rich and sophisticated. Second part of Orient Textiles Midsummer Sawan Collection 2014 includes embroidered kurtis studded with promising prints and chic style stitching techniques. These designer kurtis are looking very rich because of classic prints and traditional
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