Sana Samia Midsummer Embroidered Collection 2014 By Lala | Sana Samia Mid Summer 2014

Midsummer is the time to look at your wardrobe and rearrange it according to latest fashion trends. When we talk about summer and midsummer clothing, suddenly a colorful and beautiful designs of lawn dresses flashes in our minds.  This midsummer season we have seen some unique and enhancing concept of midsummer dresses introduced by our beloved fashion designers and brands. Simle short shirts and embroidered shirts paired with leggings are the most wanted fashion trends of this midsummer season. Almost every designer and brand has introduced short shirts with tights in their collections. Now Lala Textiles is also back in action with its breathtaking range of Sana & Samia Midsummer Collection 2014, and Sana Samia Midsummer Embroidered Collection 2014. Both collections of Lala textiles has launched on social media just few minutes ago. Like always She-Styles is dominating the social media by spreading this collection firstly.
Lala Textiles is one of the most innumerable fashion brand of Pakistan. It is providing wide range of women's wear dresses for different seasons. Sana & Sania is one of the most selling brand of Lala. Lala always bring something catchy and innovative under the tag of Sana Smia Lawn. This midsummer season Lala has took part in the market with stunning range of Sana Samia Mid Summer Collection 2014.The first collection is all about Sana Samia Embroidered lawn three piece dresses adorned with eye soothing colours scheme, modern tailoring styles, intricate embroidery and amazing prints. After watching few dresses of Sana & Samia Midsummer Embroidered Lawn 2014, i am sure this collection is going to be the most demanding collection of the current season.
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