Yasmin Zaman Bridal Couture Collection 2014 | Yasmin Zaman Formal Dresses

Pakistani clothing fashion and style has revolutionized amazingly by our talented fashion designers and brands. Apart from our male fashion designers, our female designers has given a new life to our traditional designs. Women better understands the demands of her female customers. That is why they design such dresses that boost the femininity of the wearer and give her stylish look and confidence. We have many famous female designers that are providing wide range of dresses from casual wears to bridal. Yasmin Zaman is one of them. Yasmin Zaman has joined the fashion industry in 2012, but in very short time frame she got tremendous fame because of her exceptional designs and creative mind. As the females are joining the field of fashion, they are boosting the pace of designing and more practicality and uniqueness is being evolved into their dresses. Yasmin Zaman has also brought a collection of Formal Wear Dresses that perfectly meet the modern fashion trends. Yasmin Zaman Bridal Couture Collection 2014 includes fancy long length dresses, stitched in different patterns that are in fashion in Pakistan. Yasmin Zaman has designed this collection specially for the wedding. Drop Corner Shirts, open shirts, Angrakha dresses, coat shirts double shirts and many other patterns are introduced by Yasmin Zaman as formal wears. Tough the patterns are the same that dominating Pakistani clothing fashion, but she has added her own signature style in the dresses. The colour theme of Yasmin Zaman evening dresses features all the rich and attractive hues. Eye
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