Ayesha-Somaya Fall/Winter Formal Collection 2014 | Ayesha Somaya Winter Collection 2014

Ayesha-Somaya Fall/Winter Formal Collection 2014
 Right after festival of Eid-Ul-Azha the season of weddings has been started. Almost every second person is busy in attending wedding parties. When we talk about Pakistani wedding parties then our wedding parties are incomplete without shopping, colours and lots of fun. Right now several styles of Formal Wears are available in markets, that give us liberty to explore new trends and styles that we want to adopt. Today we have brought a special collection of Luxury Formal Dresses that are designed by a legend fashion icon of Pakistani fashion industry called Ayesha-Somaya. Ayesha Somaya is considered to be the brand of luxury dresses, these two girls are very famous for their formal, semi formal and bridal wear ensembles. Newly Ayesha Somaya has launched their Ayesha Somaya Winter Collection 2014. This collection features contemporary designs of bridal dresses embellished with very rich and detailed description of embroideries, motifs, crystal stones and sequins. Ayesha Somaya bridal dresses are inspired from the west and amalgamated with our rich traditional designs. Ayesha Somaya Bridal Winter Collection 2014-2015 includes very unique and heart touching styles of Bridal Wears, From short length shirts to bridal gowns and long shirts many patterns are the part of this amazing range. Ayesha Somaya Fall Winter Collection 2014 dresses are filled with traditional embroideries and other stuff but the western styles and modern trimming twists have given a new life to the collection. Ayesha Somaya Formal Wear 2014 dresses will not only meets the modern styles but also compatible with our traditions and heritage.
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