Firdous Winter Collection 2014-2015 | Firdous Paris Linen Collection 2014

Firdous Winter Collection 2014
Today when every designer and fashion house is trying to anticipate the screen of fashion by introducing new and enchanting styles and trends, some of our brands are trying to add diversity in winter dresses, and giving us wide options to chose what fabric and style we want to adopt this fall and winter season. One of them is Firdous Fashion. Today Firdous has unveiled the complete catalog of Firdous Paris Linen 2014-2015. In this collection Firdous has brought wide range of winter dresses that are made with pure Paris linen fabric. Paris Linen is considered as the best fabric to wear in winter season, this fabric is very famous in European countries. Firdous has got inspiration from European designs and emerged these designs in our Asian style beautifully. Firdous Winter Collection 2014-15 is filled with rich hues, intricate prints and eye catching designs. Firdous has introduced more then 30 designs for fall and winter seasons, each designs is unique and rich. Firdous have priced these Firdous Fall Winter Dresses 2014 quite low, the price of three piece Paris Linen dress is 1919 PKR. Tough Firdous has paid extra attention on designs and styles , but the photography is very low. The pictures are not good in quality, and it could be a strong reason for making this collection low. We suggest Firdous to pay attention on the qualities of the pictures to get good response from public.
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