Gul Ahmed Winter Catalog 2014 | Gul Ahmed Winter Pali Collection 2014-15

Gul Ahmed Winter Catalog 2014
Gul Ahmed is the name of quality and styles. Whenever Gul Ahmed appears on the sky of fashion, they bring something different from others. Gul Ahmed doesn't believe in launching seasonal collections one by one, they always bring complete catalog at once. This season Gul Ahmed has brought huge variety of clothes put in single catalog instead of dividing them in two parts in fancy and normal. Right now She-Styles is going to share Gul Ahmed Winter Pali Collection 2014. This collection features both formal and informal dresses that are sleek, cozy and elegant. Pali is considered to be the rich fabric of winter, like Linen, khaddar and silk. It made from 100% genuine Linen fibers, but Gul Ahmed has experimented Pali Winter Dresses 2014 by mixing silk and Linen fibers to add luxury effects in the dresses. This season Gul Ahmed Winter Pali is sheer, lustrous and cozy Gul Ahmed have introduced three parts of this Pali range. Gul Ahmed Winter Digital Pali Collection 2014 includes fancy embroidered dresses embellished with intricate digital prints and colourful hues. These dresses are inspired from the beauty of digital printing techniques and ideas. The second part of Gul Ahmed Pali range 2014 is based on Gul Ahmed Winter Single Pali Collection 2014. In this range you can find beautifully decorated pali shirts filled with bold digital prints and luxurious digital embroideries. The third and final part of this exciting collection comprises on Gul Ahmed Winter Pali Embroidered Collection 2014. These embroidered dresses are specially designed for the informal meetings and parties of winter season. Gul Ahmed Pali Embroidered Dresses 2014 are adorned with exceptional geometric and digital designs along with rich details of embroideries and captivating hues. Each and every dress of this collection has it's own style and designs.
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