Bonanza Mid Summer Collection 2014-15 | Bonanza Garments Mid-Summer 2014

Few years ago, designer dresses were not famous in common and middle class people because of high prices. Only the upper class could afford wearing designer wears. However, with the passing of time many new and reasonable designers and fashion brands appeared in fashion market and introduced such designer ensembles that were quite affordable. Pakistan have many fashion designers and brands that are not only bringing diversity in traditional Pakistani Dresses, but also pricing their dresses low to give tough competition to others competitors. One of them is Bonanza Garments. Bonanza is very old and coveted fashion icon of Pakistan. Many designers and brands joined fashion industry with the inspiration of Bonanza. This brand has introduced many big collections for men, women and children. This mid summer Bonanza is back again with sparkling range of Bonanza Mid Summer Collection 2014 to dominate our hearts. Bonanza has introduced wide range of short, medium and long length shirts coupled with trousers, Capri and fitted leggings as the mid summer trend. Bonanza Mid Summer Dresses 2014 are adorned with ever green prints and textures. From bold digital prints to floral, mosaic, animal, Paisley and other sub continental prints are part of it. If we take a look at the colour scheme of Bonanza Mid Summer 2014, It features all the blooming, light and subtle that can attract anyone in a first glance. Moreover the
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