Five Star Mid Summer Collection 2014-15 | Five Star Mid-Summer Cambric 2014

Pakistani dresses are very famous in national and international community for its great quality and innovative designs. As we described in our previous article about Pakistan fashion brands and designers. This is a perfect time to rearrange our midsummer wardrobes with stylish and beautiful designer dresses. Dive in the sea of mid summer collections and explore new trends of fashion. Here is a collection that will surely snatch your heart in a first glimpse and you will just utter two words. Wow! and Wow!. We are talking about Five Star Mid Summer Collection 2014-15. Five Star textile is a aspiring and famous name of Pakistan fashion industry. It has joined the fashion in early 1965 and produced unlimited out standing collections.
This mid summer again five star is ready to grab first place with the sparkling range of Five Star Mid-Summer Cambric Collection 2014. This collection features latest designs of midsummer dresses adorned with rich prints and most finest textures. The prints of Five star midsummer dresses are very rich and the perfect selection of colours has made the prints even more attractive. Each dresses in designed in different print and shades, from traditional summery shades to new and light shades are also part of this collection.
Five Star Mid-Summer Cambric 2014 reflects the true image of our traditional designs merged with the modern fashion trend in a very graceful ways.  We can see the clear image of 90's rich prints and techniques
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