Firdous Mens Casanova Collection 2015-16 | Firdous Menswear Winter Collection 2015

Firdous Mens Casanova Collection 2015-16
 Firdous has released its Menswear Winter Collection 2015-16 with the name of "CASANOVA". The meaning of casanova is a handsome , good looking and smooth-talking charmer men who is vehement about women and has many friends and lovers. Firdous Casanova Men's Collection 2015-2016 is designed  according to the weather needs and  international fashion trends that not only keeps men's body warm and also give a graceful look. In this collection firdous has focused to introduce high standard menswear winter dresses that influenced with western clothing styles and made for Pakistani men. Firdous Menswear Winter Collection 2015-16 features casual and formal menswear dresses like  jeans, coat pants, shirts, T-shirts, 3 piece suits, sweaters, woven jersey, ties, jackets, mens formal suits, dress pants and colorful hoodies etc. In Firdous Casanova Collection 2015-2016 the designer team has used playful color palettes  like blue, brown, yellow, pink black white purple, sea-green and cream shades are the colorful trend of this winter  and fall season. This menswear winter 2015 collection is very chic, stylish and designed in a modern way along with classy touch and breathtaking designs. Firdous Men's Fashion 2015 will give you a smart personality and catchy look with simple and sophisticated trends. 
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