Zainab Chottani Winter Collection 2014-2015 | Zainab Chottani Winter 2015 by Shariq

Zainab Chottani Winter 2014-2015: Shariq textile and Zainab Chottani are two reliable name of Pakistani fashion. In every new season they collaborate with each other to introduce new designs and styles. The designing philosophy of Zainab Chottani is inspired from nature and she combine emerging colours with intricate prints beautifully. While the designing style of Shariq reflects richness of hues and prints. Zainab Chottani Winter Collection 2014/15 by Shariq is also a master piece collection of current winter season. This collection features beauty of timeless prints , glamour of winters, attraction of colours and reflection of elegance. All the Winter Dresses of this amazing range of Zainab Chottani Winter 2015 by Shariq are filled with dark and attractive shades along with finest classic and floral prints. Zainab have introduced some bright shades like bright red, sea green and light purple. For dark shades lovers she has introduced good range of dark shades too. Zainab Chottani Winter/Fall 2014-15 dresses are perfect to be the part of your warm winter closet. These dresses will make your wardrobe shine with elegance and style.
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